perforated steel raised floor

perforated steel raised floor
Product name : perforated steel raised floor
Item : perforated steel raised access floor
Details :
Data Center - Airflow Panels |perforated steel raised floor
General Information
The raised floor air flow /perforated steel panel is 600mm square.
This surface covering on the panels can be high-pressure laminated (HPL) finish  / Vinyl (PVC) finish etc. 
The ventilation rate can be from 18%-60%
It is often together used with steel raised floor and mainly used for computer rooms, data center, command centers, communication center, laboratory, micro-electronics work shop, control room, clean room, call centre, etc.
Technical Data
perforated steel raised floor technical data

Why Us
· Over 20 years experience in the manufacture of raised access flooring.
· Panel loading ability more than other floor 10~20% . 
· Effectively solve the problems such as panel warping, plate deformation, Surface degumming.
· High quality flooring, environment?friendly, long life and calcium sulfate core 100% recycled.
· Strong steel structure using high-end digital-controlled multipoint welding machine.
· Passed the certifications like ISO9001, CE EN12825, BS476, CISCA, MOB and so on.
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