woodcore raised floor system

woodcore raised floor system
Product name : woodcore raised floor system
Item : woodcore raised access floor system
Details :
 woodcore raised floor system
General Information
The wood core raised floor panel are 600mm square or 500mm square.
First type-panel with surface: this surface covering on the panels can be high-pressure laminated (HPL) finish  / Vinyl (PVC) finish / ceramic finish etc. it is mainly used for computer rooms, data center, command centers, communication center, laboratory, micro-electronics work shop, control room, clean room, call centre, etc.
Second type-bare board, often used with the magnetic carpet or etc, it is mainly used for office building and commercial center, etc.
Technical Data
wood core raised flooring technical data
Why Us
· Over 20 years experience in the manufacture of raised access flooring.
· Panel loading ability more than other floor 10~20% . 
· Effectively solve the problems such as panel warping, plate deformation, Surface degumming.
· High quality flooring, environment?friendly, long life and calcium sulfate core 100% recycled.
· Strong steel structure using high-end digital-controlled multipoint welding machine.
· Passed the certifications like ISO9001, CE EN12825, BS476, CISCA, MOB and so on.

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